“[Support Worker 1] supports me and I enjoy supported times because it gives me confidence and lets me have fun. I recommend support so you do different activities and you can have assistance at work if you need it.”
Service User 1

“In the summer of 2013, I graduated from college. Later, in about mid-August, I came into contact with some people from F&H Solution and they helped me organize a new social life for me. [Support Worker 2] became my support worker and one Tuesday he took me to the Zee Bar for the first time, which he would later do on a weekly basis. I met his other client one day and we became friends from this point. The support I am receiving has helped me get around in Maidenhead. Even though I go to the places every week, it at least gets me out of my house. My support workers and fellow clients of F&H Solution are like a family to me and in general, I am well cared for. I hope that in the future, I would like a bit more variety sometimes in my weekly schedule because the same thing can get boring after a while. If I could do anything to help F&H Solutions, my message to participating young adults would be, “If you really want to achieve more in life, then this organization is for you. It is far better to have support by your side than it is to move forward in life completely on your own. In fact, getting help makes your life a lot easier.”
Service User 2

“I am very happy with the service my son has received from F&H Solution. He has benefitted enormously from everyone’s kindness, support, understanding and the friendship they have shown him. It is very hard when you are a young adult on the autistic spectrum to make friends and access any sort of social life. All the support workers have been conscientious and understanding and go out of their way to make [my son] feel good about himself. It is very good to see his confidence growing and I have no hesitation in recommending F&H Solution to other parents of special needs young adults.”
Service User 3

“F&H Solution has helped me to gain confidence in all situations. I have been given emotional support and encouragement in difficult times. I also take part in a variety of activities thanks to the support I have received.”
Service User 4

“I am very happy with the support that I get. They have encouraged me to be much more active and social and I enjoy their company very much. They are great swim and gym buddies as it really works when they are able to swim and workout with me. I feel much fitter and more confident. I also enjoy the company of my friends that I meet at The Bear Group and Zee Bar. I really enjoy the company of my support workers, they have become my best friends and I look forward to seeing them.”
Service User 5

“My son has 3 different support workers, he enjoys going out with them to the gym, the bear group and the cinema. He likes the gym in maidenhead better then Windsor now and is always happy to go out with support.”
Service User 6

“[My son] enjoys his everyday activities, with his support worker. [My son] gets on very well with [Support Worker 3], they have a good relationship, and a understanding of each other. [My son] has improved greatly since he began with F&H Solution. Since his mother took him out of a care home his social skills have improved greatly. [My son] loves going to bowling, [he] can be very competitive. He likes going to the cinema to see the latest blockbusters, going to the gym and swimming. On occasions [my son] goes and stays with support for rest bite over a long weekend to give me a break. F&H Solution are the best support workers in Berkshire.”
Service User 7

“I like going out with support. I have to behave. I enjoy shopping and swimming on Wednesday’s.”
Service User 8

“Having a support worker has helped my son greatly in making the transition from school to adult life. It has given him independence and helped to develop his confidence and social skills. The support staff are punctual, reliable and professional. I have confidence that they have the skills necessary to support both of my boys. Both boys have developed good relationships with their support workers and look forward to seeing them each week.”
Service User 9