How We Can Help

Our employees at F&H Solution are fully qualified to give you the advice and assistance necessary to help improve the quality of your life.

We support individuals and families with the challenges that everyday life presents. Out staff have the experience and skills to work with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, physical disabilities, and Downs syndrome.

Following are some of the ways we are able to help:

  • Help with writing timetables and social stories
  • One-to-one coaching in anger, anxiety, and self-esteem management
  • Consultancy and advice for carers and personal assistants
  • Training for personal assistance
  • Autism training
  • Advocacy
  • Socialisation
  • Employment application
    (CV writing, interview assistance, follow up consultancy with employers)
  • Help to sustain work placements
  • Support to attend professional meetings
  • Travel training
  • Help and support with all aspects of daily living and life skills
  • Help with finances(budgeting plan)
  • Help with cooking
  • Support for essential health appointments
  • Supporting individuals to become safer within the community, looking at risks and reducing them

Autism Support Windsor - Autism Puzzle Piece

“I am very happy with the service my son has received from F&H Solution. He has benefitted enormously from everyone’s kindness, support, understanding and the friendship they have shown him….  I have no hesitation in recommending F&H Solution to other parents of special needs young adults.”